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The Motive Behind The Establishment Of The KSI School

It’s one thing to purchase a KSI Swiss machine and it’s another thing to operate it effectively and remain competitive. To this end, customer support is required with the most complete machine tool package to achieve a profitable investment. Along with the machine tool purchase, customers are provided with other value added incentives, such as support and training needed to ensure accurate machining.

Due to the durability and high quality of KSI Swiss, many customers have rated these machines to be one of topmost Swiss lathe manufacturers in the area. KSI Swiss machines are known to come along with a large variety of items and low prices. KSI is an acronym for Knowledge, Support, and Integrity.

However, no one can successfully operate these complex machines without acquiring the requisite knowledge to do so. Normally, operators of CNC Swiss-style machines undergo some days or weeks of training so as to be able to effectively control or operate the lathe without having to experience any hitches. To this end, the KSI school was established to provide customers with an opportunity to gain experience on how to use the machine.

The significance of customer training

Buyers of KSI Swiss machines require some quality training on how to operate the industrial grade equipment. As organized by the KSI School, this is steadily becoming a normal business practice which is basically aimed at showing customers how to run the machine in which they must have made a major investment.

Although the basics of operation which can easily be covered at install can be provided by most KSI installation techs, however, when it comes to running a new machine like the KSI Swiss, there are more complicated advanced features that will require proper education and training, hence the need for a KSI School.

Although this may seem to be a significance expense for the KSI, however, the role for customer training in a major investment of this sort cannot be underrated. Bad things can happen when a piece of complicated equipment like the KSI Swiss is dumped on a customer. And this can affect business relationship.

Without proper orientation on how to use the equipment customers can become very unhappy due to the frustration of trying to figure out how to use the more advanced features and not understand how the machine works. For the customer, this can lead to little or no return on investment.

Features of the training school

KSI has the taken the time to structure a quality training school for customers which will not only cover the basics but also talk extensively about the control and features of the machine. Out of many options offered by KSI Swiss, the KSI school is just one of the most viable means customers can get to know more about their turning centers, CNCs, lathes, and other heavy shop machinery.

The school is designed to provide machinists with the opportunity to take their skills to a whole new level through Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training. Basically, it seeks to develop machining operators by training them to make wise machine setup decisions that can produce more efficient programming and yield more profits for their business.


Ksi School
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