BarLoad Magazine Bar Feeders

KSI BarLoad BFG/BWG/MOTO Series 12′ Magazine Bar Feeders:




BFG Series Brochure:

BFG Complete
BWG Series Brochure:
BWG Complete

MOTO Series Brochure:
Moto Complete

BarLoad BFG Series Features:

  • Self adjusting clamping device.(patented)
  • Single point diameter adjustment for bar loading (patented)
  • Automatic feeding torque adjustment.
  • Easy adjusting “V type” anti-vibration.
  • New guide channel design with high performance.(patented)
  • Oil return and remanent are separated. (patented)

bfg-02Equipped with LED light external display. During bar feeding, various messages such as ‘bar length’, ‘bar change’, ‘feeder error’, and ‘CNC lathe error’ are more easily identified, permitting remote monitoring (patented).

bfg-03Fully-functional PLC control combined with comprehensive data bank software. Feed positioning, torque and speed are accurately controlled and perfectly interfaced with the CNC lathe.

bfg-04All new guide channel design features maximum wear resistance, high hardness, high accuracy and a long service life. Extremely effortless and smooth feeding effect. Superior sound buffering effect (patented).

bfg-05Human-machine control system, Humanified interfacing. Easy to operate setting and troubleshooting.

bfg-06Specially designed bar clamping device is adjustment free and features protection for small bar diameter. Clamps firmly at all times, saving time and providing maximum convenience (patented).

bfg-07Easy adjusting ” V type ” anti-vibration, with out change anti-vibration bush.

bfg-08Remote control box greatly increases operational convenience and meets human engineering theorem.