TCM Series

One of the common complaints we hear about Swiss-types is the lack of interior room available for setup. We know that a dark, cramped space is not the ideal environment for anyone.

We responded by engineering the cabinet of our CNC automatics to be as spacious as possible within the machine’s minimal footprint.

Designed to achieve maximum productivity within the tightest tolerances, the KSI Swiss TCM Series weighs in from 6,843 to 7,716 pounds (3,100-3,500 kg), making them the heaviest of any comparable Swiss-type on the market. Much of this weight is attributed to the extremely rigid and stable base casting and toolstand, which reduces vibration and provides thermal stability critical to maintaining tight tolerances on workpieces.

Profile of TCM Series Standard Offering

  • Up to 27 tool selections
  • Modular Live Tooling
  • Up to 7.5 Kw Main Spindle