Swiss Style Cnc Lathe

Why You Have Been Suffering Without The Swiss Style CNC Lathe Machine

Swiss Style CNC Lathe machine is fast gaining popularity among manufacturers for several reasons. It offers much more than conventional lathe machines. Swiss Style CNC Lathe machine does all the hard work for you while you relax more.

Higher speed

One thing that Swiss Style CNC Lathe machine has much more than conventional lathe machines is speed. It works at a much higher speed and this makes you churn out more products and parts in much less time. This benefit can also be seen as more productivity.

“More” factor

The lathe machine offers more than similar ones in several terms. It is more massive and it is more rigid and rugged. By virtue of its higher speed, it offers more thrusts and strokes and it is designed to grip even tighter. The best part is that more products and parts with less efforts leads to more competitive prices of products. This is why this machine puts you in a better position for keen competition. Competitors using other machines will never be able to match your prices.

It offers higher quality

Sometimes people say you cannot get both quality and quantity. The Swiss Style machine proves the theory wrong as it offers more quality and more quantity and even with less effort and time. Little wonder the machine is getting more popular. Considering all the benefits attached to this machine, all the old conventional lathe machines will soon be phased out. In fact, in a few years, there will be only two categories of part manufacturers – Those that have adopted the new Swiss Style machine and those that are running out of business.

It gives more accuracy and precision

The machine offers more accuracy and precision than the old conventional machines. In fact, everything about manufacturing of products requires so much accuracy and precision as a little error in measurement may lead to the part or product being useless.

To make proper use of Swiss Style machines you need to understand their unique features against the features of other conventional lathe machines.

Their cutting fluid is oil and not water

The cutting fluid for most conventional lathe machines is water while that of Swiss style machines is oil. This is because oil gives greater lubricity. Besides, oil does not give room for bacteria growth like water. It is also worthy of note that there is a little downside with oil as a cutting fluid. It does not dissipate heat like water. So, the machine gets hot quicker than its conventional counterparts. This is why the machine sometimes requires the use of shop towel or gloves for changing of tools.

Guide bushing is very important

The guide bushing is said to be the very heart of Swiss style machine so the sizing of the guide bushing is very important. Even an infinitesimal error in the size will result in concentricity errors. You also need to choose the guide bushing of your machine carefully as it comes in various materials like steel, meehanite and carbide sleeved.

In conclusion, it may take a little time and effort to understand the Swiss style machine but once you get a hang of it, you will find out that it is worth the efforts. You will never use the conventional lathe machine again.


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