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Why your Company Needs Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes

If you have forgotten all about Swiss type CNC automatic lathes, you might want to do a little catch-up. Why? Today, Swiss machines are one of the most powerful screw machines out there. They retain their flexibility and speed which make them essential in any precision, large production application. But they also have more tools, options, and complex controls that help improve the quality of the machining process.

History of Swiss Type CNC

You may just be taking an interest in Swiss type CNC automatic lathes, but the machine has been around for quite some time. The technology itself dates to the1800s during the industrialization boom. There became a great need for interchangeable machine parts that still held a level of precision. Inventors to meet this need invented the collet chuck which was patented in the 1870s. This made it possible to use bar stock, and eventually, the headstock machine was manufactured in Switzerland. The machines were called the Swiss-type screw machines and were adopted in watch making.

Over time the use of Swiss machines improved with turrets, gang slides, secondary spindles, and live tooling added to the tooling area options. By the 1970s CNC versions were made. In the 1980s Swiss type CNC was used in making electronic parts, and by the 1990s the Swiss machine had become so sophisticated that it was adopted to make parts for the medical and aerospace industries. Today, Swiss machines can be used for general machining work wherever needed.

Advantages of Swiss type CNC

What makes CNC Swiss machines stand out from conventional screwing machines? Well, here are some advantages:

    There is room for up to 20 tools and sometimes more based on the machine type. Tool changers are also available in the more high-end versions The speed is exceptional. Average chip to chip time is less than a second or one second at best. This level of speed is because the tools do not have to move long distances as the machines are quite compact. Some machines allow up to four cutting tools at once. This makes it easier to create complex parts with all the tools working simultaneously. There is usually no need for secondary operations as the Swiss Machin can perform most of them such as drill, ream, saw, mill and lots more. The part leaves the machine finished and ready to go. Surface finish is excellent and requires no grinding afterward. The machine usually requires zero or very few manpower to operate. Once it is setup with the bar stocked put in the bar holder, the machine will run on its own for hours. It doesn’t take too long to set up the Swiss machine since it can carry up to 20 or more tools. With proper planning, all the tools you need for various jobs can remain in place within the machine, so that it only takes minutes to switch from one part to another

Acquiring one or two Swiss machines can do wonders for your company or as Mike Tyler, President of Tyler Machine Tool company in New Hampshire put it “you will be surprised at the level of productivity and consistency of parts these Swiss machines offer.”


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